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Would You Use Facebook Home on Your Phone?

Facebook unveiled a new version of its Android app Thursday, which would fill the lock and home screen of your Android smartphone with Facebook content, like photos, News Feed stories. We asked readers on Facebook and Twitter whether they would use the new app.


  1. A number of readers said they would "try" the app, but didn't commit to using it.  And they offered some tips for Facebook, if it wanted to succeed.
  2. I'll probably try it out but likely won't use it. I don't use Facebook that much away from a computer. It's really cool to see the stuff people are coming up with though, it's an exciting time for mobile technology.
  3. Facebook for Android just needs to work well, that's all. People don't want new features and apps that wire them 24/7 with Facebook. We just want to be able to do the things we can do on the desktop on our Androids. Is that so much to ask?
  4. The app seemed like a good idea to some, but they were skeptical that they would actually use the app, They cited "Facebook fatigue" and general social media overload.
  5. so out of touch woth consumer behavior, very few people care to be social around the clock. smart phones are used as a utility for many, not to get a constant barrage of updates and more recently uninformative ads
  6. Some Twitter users also expressed concerns about their privacy: