Videos of Russian Meteorite Captured By Bystanders

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  1. This 18-second clip shows the blast in the sky over Chelyabinsk. The description of the video says, in Russian: “Before the explosion was a bright flash, like a nuclear glow, all was quiet, I went to the balcony…"
  2. Взрыв Челябинск
  3. Here's a clear view of the meteorite crossing the sky. This video racked up about 227,000 views in six hours.
  4. видео вспышки над челябинском 15.02.2013.avi
  5. This footage shows some of the damage caused by the explosion and the long smoke trail in the sky from the meteorite. The uploader was south of Chelyabinsk.
  6. После падения метеорита.AVI
  7. This brief video pans across a warehouse of an electronics store in Chelyabinsk, showing the damage from the meteorite. It was uploaded to the electronics store's official YouTube channel.
  8. НАЙФЛ после метеора
  9. This footage also shows the aftermath of the meteorite, with broken glass strewn across the floor of a school building.
  10. Метеорит Челябинск 15 февраля 2013 (часть 4) последствия
  11. This video appears to be from the same building. It shows young Russians talking in panicked voices as they walk through the hallways after the explosion.
  12. Метеорит Челябинск 15 февраля 2013 (часть 2) последствия