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Viewers Complain About Delayed Olympics Broadcast

During the live Olympic opening ceremonies in London, lots of U.S. viewers were upset they couldn't watch it live. They shared their frustrations on Twitter.


  1. Much of the vitriol was directed at NBC for choosing not to show the ceremonies live on TV or online to its U.S. audience.
  2. Several users suggested the network air the opening ceremonies twice: first live, then later in the evening.
  3. Users complained that they couldn't live-tweet about opening ceremonies, even though they were reading tweets from other people who were watching them live.
  4. Many users addressed NBC's Olympic Twitter account, asking why the network wasn't broadcasting the ceremonies on TV or online.
  5. Other viewers did find a way to watch the opening ceremonies live. The Huffington Post had a viral story that linked to live Internet streams of the ceremonies.
  6. Katie Jacobs Stanton, head of Twitter's international strategy, saw an opportunity for social media in the delay.
  7. What do you think of NBC's approach in choosing not to show the opening ceremonies live in the U.S.?