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The Ann Romney Twitter Firestorm

A Democratic operative said Wednesday night that Ann Romney, Mitt Romney‘s wife, has “never worked a day in her life.” The controversy exploded on Twitter. Here's how the drama played out:


  1. Hilary Rosen, a Democratic strategist and adviser to the Democratic National Committee, said on CNN late Wednesday night that Ann Romney, Mitt Romney's wife, has "never worked a day in her life."
  2. Watch the clip:
  3. A backlash on Twitter quickly erupted. Mrs. Romney opened a Twitter account to defend herself. Here's her first post: 
  4. Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior Romney aide joined in. He tried to link Ms. Rosen to the president by calling her an “Obama adviser.” Here are some of his tweets: 
  5. Obama aides were quick to distance themselves from Ms. Rosen, who doesn’t work of the president’s re-election campaign. Jim Messina, Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, posted this tweet:
  6. But the Democratic strategist doubled down, posting this flurry of tweets:
  7. The controversy continued Thursday.

    Mrs. Romney posted her second tweet on Thursday morning, informing her fast-growing follower base that she would appear on Fox News to discuss Ms. Rosen's comments.
  8. “This is not Mitt Romney,” Mrs. Romney said during the interview on Fox News. “Mitt Romney is a person that admires women and listens to them, and I am grateful that he listens to me.”

    “Look, I know what it’s like to struggle,” said Mrs. Romney, who has battled multiple sclerosis. “Maybe I haven’t struggled as much financially as some people have. I can tell you and promise you that I have struggled in my life.”

  9. The White House tried to distance itself from the dig at Mrs. Romney, and Democrats tried to put the controversy behind them. Obama campaign senior adviser David Axelrod, tweeted:
  10. First Lady Michelle Obama joined the White House effort, posting this message to Twitter:

  11. Other Democrats worked to distance themselves from Ms. Rosen, noting that she has never worked for the Obama campaign and that, as a paid contributor to CNN, she is barred from doing so.

    Obama campaign officials said that both the Romney and Obama campaigns agree that women should make whatever choices work for them regarding work and family.

  12. By Thursday afternoon, Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen apologized for her remark that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.”

    “I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended,” Ms. Rosen said in a written statement. “ Let’s declare peace in this phony war and go back to focus on the substance.”