The Northeast Blizzard, in Instagram Photos

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  1. As the snow began to fall in New York City, one woman took a photo appropriate for New York Fashion Week. This showed the view from Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue.
  2. An employee who works in the Empire State Building took this photo from the 45th floor.
  3. #Nemo descends upon #nyc . View from 45th floor of the #esb
  4. In Connecticut, a high school student skipped the traditional snow man. Instead, he said he spent two hours building "the best seat in the house."
  5. Many readers shared their snapshots of a winter wonderland. This one is a view of a road in Huntington, Long Island.
  6. This view is from a window in Boston.
  7. Meanwhile, back in New York, this person attempted to haul recycling in the snow while rollerblading.
  8. Roller blading uphill in a blizzard carrying the recycling. Let me tell you how well this worked, #fail.... What's next #nyc? #blizzard #nemo #newyork #snow