1. Breakfast tacos are a staple of Tex Mex. Several readers tweeted you can't leave Austin without trying them at Juan in a Million.
  2. There are dozens of taco options in Austin. But many readers said Torchy's topped their lists.
  3. A bit of a Twitter fight erupted over the best tacos in Austin. We attempted to mediate.
  4. There was also some disagreement on which BBQ was the best in the area. One of the most frequently mentioned spots was The Salt Lick, which is just outside of Austin.
  5. Other readers recommended Franklin and Lamberts for the best BBQ in Austin.
  6. This year, an "honorary Texan" who compiled a list of the best BBQ places in Austin said she swears by la Barbecue.
  7. In terms of bars, several readers mentioned Peché, a popular absinthe bar.
  8. Check out Peché to try out some absinthe if you're interested in taking that route. The Driskill Hotel is also a pretty relaxed place to have a talk and drinks.
  9. These recommended bars are also in South Austin, not far from SXSW venues.