James Wilber

Someone that's taken an interest in Fashion related issues. https://t.co/0deP27q92d


Don't follow me, I'm lost too ... !!! You get VIP treatment only twice, once when you're born, again when you die, unfortunately you don't realise either !!!

Maulana Akhtar Bhai

Muslim vashikaran mantra is much popular among peoples of every religion. Almost astrologers know about them.


Agence Observatoire - Relations presse secteur culturel https://t.co/QiPXQcQezq #Arts #Patrimoine #Expositions #Rodin100

Nur Alam

Kelley J Sultan

I am a writer, professor, & believer in the art & critical role played by dedicated journalists reporting the highest truths in the form of news stories to all.


Ahmed Aamir

I love twitter

Ahmed Aamir

I love twitter

Essos meets Westeros

Mark Riley

I am Mark. All I can say. No word in particular that describes me and I'll leave it at that :)



Public Policy Scholar @lkyspp, @LKSF; Social Media Manager of @KASMediaAsia; President of Political Satire Club: @p_persiflage; Views expressed are my own


Tulun Sokit

Kidney Doc. RT isn't endorsement. Not for pt doc interactions. Opinions are personal.