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Post-Sandy Commutes, in 140 Characters


  1. Long bus lines greeted commuters near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
  2. One Brooklyn worker had an easy bus commute, but only because she left before dawn.
  3. This Queens resident tweeted about a long and expensive cab ride into Manhattan.
  4. WSJ Reporter Dawn Wotapka described the crowded scene on her subway. Others also joked about the packed trains.
  5. Some readers looked on the bright side of simply walking to work.
  6. Others commented on the dedication of their coworkers, who biked long distances to get to work.
  7. This New Jersey resident didn't have the option to work from the office, or from home.
  8. One stranded commuter had an interstate journey ahead of her.
  9. Some readers in other parts of the country were impressed by the commuters' stories. Sara Mauskopf, a product manager at Twitter, was among those who praised them.