The $2.15 Billion L.A. Dodgers Buy: Social Media Reacts

Basketball legend Magic Johnson led a group that won an auction for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team Tuesday night. The $2.15 billion bid shatters the previous record sales price for a U.S. sports franchise, Steve Ross's purchase of the Miami Dolphins for $1.1 billion three years ago.

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  1. Magic Johnson broke the news to his Twitter followers Tuesday night, with a tweet linking to the WSJ story. The tweet only included the link -- no other comments. Here it is:
  2. Here's our story that broke the news:
  3. Mr. Johnson's tweet was retweeted more than 600 times, and fans immediately responded with words of congratulations:
  4. Even some celebrities chattered about the news. Including Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie:
  5. And actor David Boreanaz:
  6. As details started to emerge on Wednesday about the price of the deal, people were quick to react to the high cost. Several readers responding to a post on WSJ's Facebook account were shocked by the price:
  7. No baseball team is worth 2 billion dollars, let alone the Dodgers! The buyers have more money than common sense! But I guess 2 billion is enouth to buy 8 Albert Pujols's!
  8. Is it fuzzy math completely leveraged?
  9. Yet these owners & commissioners want you to believe they are not making any money... Yea right...
  10. A country with its priorities in order!
  11. Twitter users also were surprised by the price tag:
  12. Many readers are hoping that the Dodgers' new owners will work their magic with the team. 
  13. one thing about Magic, He has been very good with his investments since retiring from playing...I wish him well.
  14. The Magic will return. The "Bums" will win the pennant; and Magic will move the team to Sacramento.
  15. And there's always the jokers: