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The $2.15 Billion L.A. Dodgers Buy: Social Media Reacts

Basketball legend Magic Johnson led a group that won an auction for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team Tuesday night. The $2.15 billion bid shatters the previous record sales price for a U.S. sports franchise, Steve Ross's purchase of the Miami Dolphins for $1.1 billion three years ago.


  1. Magic Johnson broke the news to his Twitter followers Tuesday night, with a tweet linking to the WSJ story. The tweet only included the link -- no other comments. Here it is:
  2. Here's our story that broke the news:
  3. Mr. Johnson's tweet was retweeted more than 600 times, and fans immediately responded with words of congratulations:
  4. Even some celebrities chattered about the news. Including Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie:
  5. And actor David Boreanaz:
  6. As details started to emerge on Wednesday about the price of the deal, people were quick to react to the high cost. Several readers responding to a post on WSJ's Facebook account were shocked by the price:
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  11. Twitter users also were surprised by the price tag:
  12. Many readers are hoping that the Dodgers' new owners will work their magic with the team. 
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  15. And there's always the jokers: