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Readers Respond: the Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads


  1. Many readers mentioned the Dodge Ram "God Made a Farmer" ad which featured the voice of late radio host Paul Harvey.
  2. Another ad that resonated with readers was a Budweiser commercial about the relationship between a man and a horse.
  3. Many readers were disgusted by a GoDaddy ad featuring a long kiss between supermodel Bar Refaeli and a computer geek. As of Monday afternoon, it was also the worst-rated ad in our interactive WSJ poll.
  4. Every Superbowl, a few funny ads rise above the rest. This year, readers praised a Tide commercial featuring a Joe Montana stain, a Taco Bell commercial about elderly people's hijinks and an Audi commercial about a teenager kissing his crush at prom.
  5. One of the most viral ads of the Super Bowl wasn't broadcast on TV. Shortly after the lights went out at the SuperDome, Oreo put out this tweet that was shared about 15,000 times by Monday afternoon. Here's the story behind the ad.
  6. Some readers pointed out it wasn't the quality of the ad that mattered. It was how much it spurred conversation. By that measure, the GoDaddy ad may have been among the winners.