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Readers Respond: Should Schools Have Armed Officers?

In the first NRA press conference since the Newtown shooting NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre called for armed police officers to be placed in every school. LaPierre stated 'The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.' We asked our readers what they thought of the idea.


  1. Some readers pointed out that placing armed police in schools could make them feel like prisons.
  2. Others who backed the idea said it was the only way to protect school children.
  3. Unfortunately it may be a necessity, at least in some areas. Public schools are simply not the "safe place" that they once were.
  4. Yes! As an idealist, I wish there were other immediate alternatives. But with the second amendment, and several hundred million guns in America, there is no practical alternative to protect our kids. If someone says otherwise, there are demagoguing the issue. Protect our kids now. Not with some dreamy idea that won't have an effect for years.
  5. They should be everywhere to protect and serve the public. Its their job. There is no reason why schools should be defenseless after this tragedy.
  6. Those against the NRA suggestion said gun control and background checks would be a more effective solution.
  7. The NRA suggestion of armed police in schools would come at a cost.  Some readers questioned where that funding would come from.
  8. The NRA should pay the $12 Billion necessary to put 2 armed guards in 100,000 schools out of membership dues.