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Readers React to Obama's Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

In an interview with ABC News, President Barack Obama said he supports same-sex marriage - a stance that may have heavy political implications in November's presidential election. We asked readers for their thoughts on the president's view. Here's some of that reaction:


  1. Many WSJ readers immediately showed their support for the president: 
  2. I agree. I favor limited government and I do not like the idea of any government dictating who you can marry. I see it with rare exceptions as none of government's business. If you are against gay marriage then do not have one and let others alone to make their own choices.
  3. Others were critical and questioned the president's motives:
  4. A new low for america! Americans should be ashamed!
  5. whatever your stance is this does smell like political posturing during an election year to drum up votes
  6. disengenuous since it's election season. Had he came out from the beginning on this stand, I'd have more respect for him but this is clear pandering. regardless of where you stand on this issue, we need leaders and candidates who stand on their convictions and don't pander simply for a vote.
  7. If he really supported it, he would have said so a long time ago without having to be pushed into it. This is just proof that he will say anything to get your vote even when it's a lie.
  8. When Mr. Obama ran for president in 2008, he was personally opposed to gay marriage. But in 2010, he said his views were “evolving.” Several readers jumped on that:
  9. So, Romney switches positions and it's call flip flopping but Obama switches positions and it's called evolving. Pathetic. President "present" strikes again!
  10. These folks were just glad he made a decision: 
  11. But will it hurt or help the president get re-elected in November? One reader's response:
  12. i do not think this will affect the upcoming election. republicans have long claimed that he supportrd gay marriage.