Newsweek's 'Muslim Rage' Cover Sparks Scorn, Jokes

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  1. Newsweek's main account encouraged its followers to discuss the cover story using the #MuslimRage hashtag.
  2. The hashtag backfired on Newsweek, eliciting hundreds of outraged responses and jokes.
  3. Media critic Jeff Jarvis suggested Newsweek's cover made the magazine akin to an internet "troll" -- i.e. Someone writing inflammatory comments intended to provoke, not inform: 

  4. Sociology professor Zeynep Tufekci noted a key difference: visibility.

  5. Many of the most retweeted jokes made references to Muslim customs.
  6. Others made cracks about "rage" instigated by minor issues at meals.
  7. responded to the Newsweek story with images that jokingly illustrated the opposite of "Muslim Rage." Their blog post showed photos of happy Muslim couples, children and Muslim breakdancers.
  8. On the other hand, some Muslim Twitter users expressed their frustration with Western media.
  9. Reuters media correspondent Jack Shafer pointed out that the firestorm on Twitter provided plenty of free publicity for Newsweek and its editor, Tina Brown.