Blame Armstrong, or Cycling? Reactions to Doping Report

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  1. After the report came out, former Armstrong teammate Jonathan Vaughters was active on Twitter, reacting to the news.
  2. George Hincapie, Armstrong's most valuable teammate in his seven Tour de France victories, simply tweeted a link to his statement.
  3. We asked WSJ Twitter followers what they thought of the report. Many directed their criticism not at Armstrong, but at the sport of cycling itself. They argued that numerous athletes used performance enhancing drugs, and it was impossible to be competitive without them. 
  4. After the news of the report, some readers defended Armstrong and believed he was still innocent.
  5. Other readers criticized the investigation and the work of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.
  6. Some commenters brought up Armstrong's cancer charity, Livestrong, in relation to the allegations.