1. Here's the original story by Mother Jones magazine, which was tweeted more than 70,400 times, according to the site.
  2. On Monday evening, New York Times columnist Nick Kristof encouraged readers to use the hashtag #RomneyEncore, which started trending on Twitter.
  3. A tweet sent by a parody account pretending to be comedian Chris Rock got more than 7,800 retweets. Other Twitter users joined in by making jokes with the hashtag.
  4. We asked Wall Street Journal Twitter followers what they thought of Romney’s comments in the videos. His supporters pointed out that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had also made controversial remarks on the campaign trail.

  5. A few readers commented that they appreciated the candid nature of Mr. Romney's remarks.
  6. Several @WSJ followers said Mr. Romney's comments were proof that he has trouble relating to half of the country.
  7. On the other side, many readers offered their support of Mr. Romney's remarks.