The Aftermath of Sandy, in Photos

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  1. In Lower Manhattan, cars were still submerged in water in a parking garage.
  2. JetBlue Airways tweeted this photo from LaGuardia Airport, where a gate submerged in water appeared to be leading nowhere.
  3. The MTA posted this image of boats on the train tracks near Metro North's station in Ossining, N.Y.
  4. Boat On the Tracks near MNR's Ossining Station
  5. WSJ sports columnist Jason Gay took this photo of a building with a facade ripped off near the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.
  6. More than 250,000 Con Ed customers in New York City lost power. In Manhattan, these New Yorkers piled into a Duane Reade to charge their phones and get in touch with friends and family.
  7. Meanwhile, New Yorkers who lost Internet access at home clustered outside of Starbucks to access its wi-fi.
  8. Some residents in New Jersey woke up this morning to see flooding outside of their windows. WSJ Technology Editor Scott Austin shared this photo from Hoboken.
  9. In Brooklyn, journalist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin shared these photos of a home in Prospect Heights that was blocked by a tree.
  10. Some photos of the aftermath conveyed hope, like these viral images of rainbows taken from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.