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Twitter Suspends Journalist's Account For Tweeting NBC Olympics Chief's Email Address

Guy Adams, the Independent’s Los Angeles bureau chief, says his Twitter was account suspended after allegedly breaking Twitter’s privacy rules by publishing the email of the NBC Olympics chief and encouraging people to email their complaints.


  1. On his Twitter account, Adams published the email address of NBC Olympics President Gary Zenkel after NBC decided not to run the opening ceremony live.   
  2. The Independent journalist had been openly critical on Twitter of NBC's coverage of the Olympics.
  3. The deputy editor of The Independent, Archie Bland, tweeted that the paper felt it was reasonable to ask whether Twitter's decision may have been due to Adams' coverage. NBC is an official partner with Twitter for the London Olympic Games.
  4. Here is the email Guy Adams received from Twitter.
  5. Guy Adams letter from Twitter
    Guy Adams letter from Twitter