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Implications of Chávez's Death, According to Readers


  1. Some readers were optimistic of Venezuela's post-Chavez future.
  2. A few people brought up how Chavez's death would impact socialism world-wide.
  3. Several readers said his death gave them hope for improved relations between Venezuela and the U.S.
  4. We also put out the callout for comments in Spanish. It translates to: What are the implications of Hugo Chávez's death on Venezuela and the rest of the world? Tell us w/ #AfterChavez.
  5. Here are a some of the responses we got from our Spanish-speaking audience.
  6. Translation: #AfterChavez, the possibility and hope of progress exists for the Venezuelans.
  7. Translation: #After Chavez, division among Chavez's followers is coming to Venezuela, since [Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás] Maduro and [National Assembly head] Diosdado [Cabello] have separate interests.