I've been to all 50 states by 18 & am hopeful to get to all 7 continents by 21.

Hannah Kirk

Jordan Gillmore

One more citizen of this strange Earth saved and loved by God and His grace.

Philip Thomas Walker

Charlie Howard

Kalyn Schieffer

#ATX native, URI Alum, #PR @CasterComm, Retired #studentathlete, Proud #rescuedog mom

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Rand Gowan

Full time student, part time many other things

Jake Freeman

writer // producer // creative director // @BULLETTMedia // @BlackBook // @NoMatterNYC

Poppy Walker

Bad hack. Charming gatecrasher. Part-time tree surveyor.

Ilene Prusher

Journalist, novelist, lecturer at #FAU. Left the imploding #Mideast for a spell in South Florida. Politics & foreign policy junkie. Writing nerd. Proud mama.

No, sir, the girl worth having won't wait for anyone #H2P ΔΦΕ

Jessica Bjerk

Natalia Lee


Building trust & collaboration between communities, police & state agencies around conflict, extremism & exploitation | Social Enterprise |2015 @ESparkGlobal