Local in NYC, Boston, London, Florence and Amman. M.S Candidate in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University



Provides you with all you need to know about technology and solutions to problems in technology.

Lindsey Rusche

Canadian/Brit music lover, wanna-be musician, financial marketing pro with feisty opinions and heart of gold


Photographer, naturalist, commited to the environment conservation, Defensor de la Patagonia, entrepreneur and Internauta.

Mimi Murray Meagher

#SocialMedia Coach, #Lacrosse Mom, #Pittsburgh Native, #Chicago Resident


terrestrial human, Laser engineer. I build new projects based in the laser physics. Materials procesing etc.

Elsa McEvoy

DCU ~ Journalism ~ Disney princess

Kira Lilly Ashlynn

Alana Hernández

UT Austin 🤘🏼| @SparkMagazineTX Model&Writer | @SneakPeekTV Entertainment Reporter&Social Media Promoter 🎬

Austin Jack

Le fil twitter & Facebook officiel du site web Poèmes & poésie d'amour.


Personal mantra: Mission, Vision, Fission, and Fusion

Hivos SouthernAfrica

The twitter account of the Hivos Regional Office in Southern Africa.

Aloyce Temba

I'll leave subtlety to the Brits. Sometimes you've just got to fix bayonets and launch a good old-fashioned frontal assault!!!