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#facegram: Users React to Facebook's $1 Billion Instagram Deal

Facebook agreed to buy the popular photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock. We asked Instagram users how the deal would affect them.


  1. Leave your comments below, and we'll feature on #wsj #facebook #instagram #facegram
    Leave your comments below, and we'll feature on #wsj #facebook #instagram #facegram
  2. Shortly after news of the deal broke, we posted the question to our followers on Instagram. While some Instagram users foresaw no problems, several expressed disappointment about the acquisition. They pointed to potential privacy issues and concerns about what it means for the future of the app.

    Here are some of those responses: 

    "As long as Facebook doesn't change how it works, I don't see the problem. I wish I had an idea for an app I could sell for 1 billion," said Instagram user @svatorn

    "It will get full of spam and people selling things plus lot of ppl quitted using #facebook for their lack of privacy#instagram is better alone #wsj #facegram," Instagram user @lotlji said.

    "Another way to lose your personal data. The only innovations will be for their benefit dressed as "features.," said Instagram user @agena.

    "Hate this! I hope they don't track my trends and respect privacy, something Facebook lacks," Instagram user @gloria2719 said.

    "How many adverts will Facebook cram into what is an awesome app! I'm so upset by this," Instagram user @bexy_balham said.

    "I love #instagram but the deal with #Facebook worries me as a photographer because of their privacy and copyright terms, I think I may have to leave the instaworld," Instagram user @timneedles said. 
  3. After news of the deal broke, Twitter instantly lit up with reaction to the acquisition. The terms "Instagram," "Billion" and "Mark Zuckerberg" were among the top trending topics on Twitter on Monday afternoon.

    We asked our Twitter followers their thoughts on the deal:

  4. Here are some of the highlights of the response:
  5. Many users were not pleased by the news:
  6. Users said they have separate accounts on Facebook and Instagram for a reason.  They expressed concern about being forced to co-mingle the two accounts. 
  7. The $1 billion price tag certainly raised eyebrows. 
  8. Several Twitter users questioned what privacy issues would arise following the acquisition.
  9. While some doubted there would be any change at all. 
  10. We also posed the question on our Facebook page.