1. Ariza Ghazalee’s final post on Facebook.
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  3. The youngest member of the family, 13-year-old Afruz, had chosen a cartoon of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 as his Facebook cover picture.
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  5. Earlier this month, Afruz wrote living in Kazakhstan had been the best time of his life.
  6. The second-eldest son, Afzal, posted on Facebook that he was sad to leave Kazakhstan.
  7. A June Facebook post from Marsha Azmeena, the family's only daughter, was a short poem to her father for Father’s Day.
  8. Mr. Tambi’s Facebook page is filled with photos of him and his family. The latest shows them posing together by Titisee Lake in southern Germany. 
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  10. Another is of his wife and children laughing in a waterfall at Sungai Klah Hot Springs.
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