Datsun Nostalgia

Nissan Motor Co. is considering reviving its iconic Datsun brand. We asked readers to share their favorite Datsun memories with us. Share more on Twitter, using the tag #WSJ, on Facebook, at, or in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Several readers shared their memories of learning how to drive at the wheel of a Datsun. 
  2. Learned to drive in my sister's '80 Datsun 210. Great car. In Driver's Ed in high school in 1983, they used the same cars. Made my driver's test a piece of cake!
  3. First car was a '79 Datsun. Old as crap and had no passenger mirror. Taught me to be a man and use a stick shift.
  4. The Dastsun evoked memories of road trips, car pools and other family memories.
  5. My mom 1970 Datsun 510 with IRS was a blast to drive through the hills. Of course my dad had a fit when my mom brought it home from the Dealership. Since we always had big American cars.
  6. My mom did the school carpool in her orange 240z with four of us kids lying in the back (no seat belt laws in the 70s)
  7. We had a Datsun 260-Z (?) when I was little (1970s). It never started when it was cold outside. It didn't have a back seat and my parents made me sit on the carpeted hatch, without a seatbelt.
  8. The word "Datsun" took several readers back to their high school and college days. 
  9. In high school my very first car was a Datsun B210 4-door! This was in 1987! I loved that car so much! There was nothing like it on the road. Wish I had pictures to share.
  10. My favorite Datsun memory was my sister and I driving the Datsun station wagon to high school. Before parking, we would get all our stuff ready, open the doors, turn it off and run as far away as possible before it backfired and everyone i...n the parking lot turned to see who was driving the crappiest car in the school. Sometimes we'd forget to be surprised by the loud BANG though. I also remember keeping a case of oil in the back at all times.
  11. In college in the early 1980s, I bought a small, beat-up but hearty Datsun utility-type truck, a simple affair. Nothing could destroy it ~ I could whip around in heavy Austin traffic, run errands at my various part-time jobs flawlessly and carry unreasonably heavy loads with ease (24-7), and it NEVER broke down. I eventually sold it to the groundskeeper of a local historic house and park and he also tried to run it into the ground (smiles). This is all to say, that little Datsun pick-up is a legend in my mind today!