Burger King's Twitter Feed Gets Hacked

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  1. The first tweet, sent at just a little past 12 p.m. E.T., said the fast-food company had been sold to McDonald's.
  2. Burger King_justsold
  3. Burger King's Twitter picture was changed to a McDonald's logo while the background picture was changed to McDonald's new item, Fish McBites.
  4. Main Burger King page
  5. The publicity of the hack gained Burger King more than 20,000 followers. The hackers sent out this tweet when it hit more than 100,000 followers. 
  6. McDonald's took to Twitter to respond to the Burger King hack.
  7. Wendy's responded to Mashable reporter Alex Fitzpatrick's tweet, humorously noting they had nothing to do with the hack.
  8. The term "Burger King" started trending on Twitter. Many people, including the hacking group Anonymous, weighed in.