Apple's New iPad: Will You Buy It?

We asked readers what they thought about Apple's new iPad, which was unveiled on Wednesday. It has a sharper display, the ability to connect to the Internet over 4G broadband wireless networks and a five megapixel camera. Prices will start at $499, the same as the previous model.

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  1. "I already put in an order."
  2. I was waiting to get iPad 3 since I knew it was coming. My main demand was solid resolution so that I can read books/documents without having to by kindle. Hopefully this one delivers it.
  3. Yes, and I don't even know what features it has.................
  4. Will get one just for the display.
  5. "It's not worth it."
  6. other than a sharper display and 4g, what does ipad3 have that the other 2 dont? and what can u do on all 3 of them that cant be done on a computer or cell phone? i dont think i have a need for an ipad period. anyone who cares to enlighten me is welcomed