The MOOC MOOC Community

Even when a course is massive and online, the human interaction is what makes it work, creating an atmosphere where we can learn. It's about the people. It always is.


  1. It's about being willing to be vulnerable so that other learners will be inspired to take risks.
  2. Having a sense of humor.
  3. Day 2: where does learning happen? Take 1 (MOOCMOOC task)
  4. Treating others with respect. 
  5. Sharing cookies.
  6. Being candid.
  7. Where Does Learning Happen? - for MOOC MOOC
  8. Even when you're running a fever.
  9. Working together to achieve a goal under a deadline.
  10. Making small talk. Greeting each other in chat rooms, supporting each other, saying good night before we go to sleep in our various time zones.
  11. Affirming each other. Spreading the love.
  12.  Even if, in the end, it makes us sound like spambots.