Notes On The Transmedia Revolution

Clicking the next page on your e-book, you can tell a new chapter in digital storytelling has begun...


  1. The Storyteller’s Creed

    I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge.
    That myth is more potent than history.
    That dreams are more powerful than facts.
    That hope always triumphs over experience.
    That laughter is the only cure for grief.
    And I believe that love is stronger than death.

    -Robert Fulghum: author, painter and sculptor

  2. Traditional storytelling is dead...

    People might not care, but they isn’t an irrelevant pastime in today’s high speed digital society--in fact, it may be the key to our species’ continued survival.
  3. The Evolution of Digital Publishing

  4. Long Live Transmedia!

  5. Transmedia 101 by One 3 Productions
  6. What is Transmedia Storytelling?

  7. Henry Jenkins...the "father" of transmedia.

  8. Transmedia missionaris: Henry Jenkins
  9. Is Transmedia Storytelling a good thing?

    In a world where amateur online video content continues to be produced in ever increasing amounts, and affordable professional audio, video, image editing, and publishing tools makes it possible for almost anyone to create all kinds of multi-media content: we can clearly see the first signs of an impending transmedia revolution.  If our current entertainment industry wants to adapt and survive these changes, they are going to have to learn a whole new way of telling stories.