What Occasions Call for Wreaths?

Wreaths are a common part of the decorating scheme in many homes.


  1. Wreaths are a common part of the decorating scheme in many homes. Since wreaths can be made using all sorts of things, it is easy enough to come up with designs that fit into the decor neatly. The thing to remember is that wreaths are not only used for decoration around the house. They can also serve a purpose as part of a special event. Here are a few examples when the giving of wreaths is appropriate and likely to be welcomed.

    Wreaths for Christmas

    Even households that do not normally use wreaths in decorating will tend to use at least a few as part of the Christmas decorations. There are christmas wreaths designed to grace the exteriors of doors as well as models that work very well in the home. Choosing to go with a wreath made from some type of natural greenery such as balsam adds a nice scent to the home. When considering what to give a loved one, opting for a nice wreath as a way to help dress the home for Christmas is a wonderful idea.

    Keep in mind those wreaths can also be purchased with the intent of remembering loved ones who are no longer around to celebrate the holiday season. Consider purchasing a wreath for a parent, sibling, or other loved one who loved family gatherings around the holidays. The wreath can be placed reverently at a grave site, or kept in the home in honor of the loved one who may not be there physically, but remains close by in the hearts of those who live there.

    Remembering Heroes

    Christmas is not the only time when it is appropriate to invest in wreaths to remember those who have served the country. Memorial Day is a day that is more than the opportunity for a long weekend and grilling out. It is a time to stop and reflect on the sacrifice made by many in service to the country. For those who have passed away, choosing to purchase a wreath and place it on the grave of a member of the military shows respect and honor. Even those who may not have a family member who served in the military can participate. Thanks to the efforts of people like the Founders of Wreaths Across America, it is possible to make arrangements for a wreath to be placed on the grave of a soldier.

    Veteran's Day is another opportunity to remember those who served. Along with the parades to honor veterans who are still alive, a wreath for a veteran buried in a local cemetery provides the opportunity to remember that all good things come with a price. For some, that wreath may be the only gesture of remembrance and honor that takes place on Veteran's Day.

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