#WTSLondon - Elite Men's Social Wrap

The 2012 men's Grand Final ended in an epic sprint finish between Jonathan Brownlee and Javier Gomez. In 2013, history repeated itself in another crazy sprint. This time though it was Gomez who claimed his third ITU World Championship.

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  1. The men's race was supposed to be another supreme battle between three of the most successful athletes in triathlon, Alistair Brownlee, Jonathan Brownlee and Javier Gomez and for the first two legs of the London Men's Grand Final it was shaping up to be that way.

    However, when Alistair Brownlee winced notably dismounting his bike it was evident that something was up. He immediately slowed leaving T2 that long-standing Achilles injury suddenly put the favourite out of the race for the 2013 ITU World Championship.
  2. From there Gomez and Jonathan Brownlee played a cat and mouse game and in the final 1100m of the race it started to feel like deja vu. Last year's final in Auckland ended-up being an epic sprint between the pair, with three lead changes in the final 300m.

    In London it unfolded again, as turning into the final finishing chute Brownlee just edged ahead before Gomez saved his killer kick for the final 100m and claimed his third ITU World Championship.
  3. It was one of best finishes in ITU history, so you know you want to watch the last 1100m of the race again in HD. So here it is.
  4. 2013 ITU London Grand Final Elite Men Sprint - Javier Gomez & Jonathan Brownlee
  5. It meant that Gomez entered a rare place in triathlon history.
  6. And the Twittersphere overflowed with respect for the battle.
  7. While many recognised Jonny Brownlee's incredible performance, his older brother did think he had something to improve.
  8. However Jonny hit back...