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#ThisIsTriathlon - Week 3 Recap

For the third week of competition, we asked you to grab a buddy and show us how the two of you enjoy triathlon together! We wanted to see you training, working out or competing in a triathlon with your closest friends and once again we loved seeing what you came up with!


  1. From all ages, everyone was eager to join into the triathlon friendship circle! Triathlon training can be long and hard sometimes, so what is better than getting to share in the memories with your friends? NOTHING, that's what! And that is why this week's winner is Alejandro Parker, who has not just one friend to train with, but a whole group! Congrats Alejandro!

  2. Who doesn't love company? That is why even the elites have a better time training when they can share the time with the people that they care about.

  3. Whether that be with family....

  4. ...or friends.
  5. Training & racing with friends is what it's all about #thisistriathlon  #triathlon2016 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #ironmantri
    Training & racing with friends is what it's all about #thisistriathlon #triathlon2016 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #ironmantri

  6. Triathlon buddy or weightlifting training partner... you decide?

  7. Training partner is busy this week? Well sometimes in order to get the motivation you need, you need to get a little creative!