#RoadtoLondon - Week 5, Your...

A month before the 2013 PruHealth World Triathlon Grand Final London, we asked all triathlon fans to share some of their favourite pictures from living the triathlon life. You responded in a big way. Now, in the final week of the competition we share some of the best London memories you submitted.

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  1. The Serpentine provided the background for some lovely scenic shots...
  2. While others managed to fit in some London landmarks.
  3. Then there was the opening ceremony...
  4. Some others just got creative with the back-ground on offer at Hyde Park.
  5. We loved the shots of you doing your best during the races...
  6. ...as well as finally your happy post-race finishers pics.
  7. Swim Ride Run Party Amazing experience to be in the Aus Team & to race on the streets of London #wtslondon #triathlon
  8. And overall, those smiles!