#roadtolondon Photo Competition: Week Two

It's been two weeks since we launched our photo competition to celebrate all things triathlon ahead of London, and we've loved seeing all your snaps come in from around the world. This week we highlight some of our favourite pics from the Week Two theme, who is your support crew?

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  1. We are now into week two of our #roadtolondon photo competition and it's time to shake it up a little. This week is all about showing us how the #roadtolondon is a team sport. While you compete individually we all know it takes more than that to get you there. So this week we would like you to share more about the support team that gets you racing. Friends, family, coaches, show us your triathlon community! And go into the draw to win a trip to the Rockies!
  2. Family isn't just crucial everyday support, they also make for heart-meltingly cute finish line pics, like these ones from Mike Cousins and Peth Salvador.
  3. And sometimes when you can't get any humans to train with you, it's up to man's best friend. This is Richard Rusk's pet pooch.
  4. We all know training partners are super important when it comes to support, this is Jim Duguay's Tri Geek squad.
  5. Or the Train for Aim group from Egypt.
  6. And your national teammates can be pretty handy, plus there is the fact that everyone looks amazing kitted up together. Like this section of the Mexican team here.
  7. Then there is Team Virgin Islands looking beautiful in blue.
  8. And who doesn't love the personalised t-shirt kind of support?
  9. Although this next photo is really stepping up the supporter clothing aspect... An Animal costume, now that's super supporter commitment right there.
  10. Remember to there is still plenty of time to enter the competition. Just click the link below to receive your free e-book and enter to win a trip to the Canadian Rockies!