#roadtolondon Photo Competition: Week Three

It's been three weeks since we launched our photo competition to celebrate all things triathlon ahead of London, and in the last week we asked to show off your gear. Here we highlight some of our favourite snaps. Stay tuned for next week's theme, the final week before London!

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  1. We love seeing the photos of you all decked out in team kit...
  2. And of course, we all know how important our ride is... whether it's just seen us through a tough training session...
  3. Or one that just helped you compete your first triathlon, like Veikko Nokkala's.
  4. Or sparkling clean from a wash... like Ben Richards ride below.
  5. But we think that this one, from an Australian paratriathlete, is possibly one of the most impressive pieces of bike gear. Can't wait to see our future Paralympians in action!
  6. And we love this entry from @CHtweettweet, surely one of the cutest running partners out there all decked out in team kit. "@ARNIE_mini one of my running partners, preparing for  @WorldTriLondon in his gbr kit #RoadtoLondon #triathlon."
  7. But overall, we think that this one takes the cake when it comes to gear. Anyone else as organised as Vic Vin?
  8. Read more about the photo competition, and how you can enter to win a trip to the Canadian Rockies and recieve a free triathlon e-book, below!
  9. Or enter directly via our Facebook page here.