Shut Down Indian Point Now

April 2, 2011 Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is located between the intersection of two earthquake faults 24 miles north of New York City. Indian Point has the worst safety record of all the nuclear plants in the United States.


  1. Do you realize that the average household's electric bill would only
    increase approximately $65. yearly, if Indian Point were closed down? Seems like a small price to pay!

    There are so many reasons to close Indian Point down. It is 40 years old and located in the most densely populated area of the United States. There is a higher risk of damage from an earthquake at Indian Point than any other nuclear reactor in the country. Today, the plant would not  be approved to be built at it's current location. There is also the possibility of a terrorist attack.

    Why don't we do something now? Let's think ahead for a change before we become another Chernobyl or Japan. Indian Point is a horrific disaster waiting to happen.

    Visit us at We will be scheduling some upcoming radio programs on critical nuclear issues.
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  3. Could our beautiful Hudson Valley become permanently uninhabitable, its soil, vegetation, and water supplies contaminated for generations to come?
  4. A community forum on Indian Point is scheduled by the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC) for Monday, April 11, 7:00 PM at the Greenburgh Town Hall, 179 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, New York.
  5. Indian Point: Nowhere to Run
  6. “It is essential that the NRC move quickly to answer the significant and longstanding safety questions surrounding Indian Point,” Cuomo said after New York state officials met with regulators at the NRC's Maryland headquarters.
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  8. “Indian Point is currently in violation of established fire safety regulations and in seeking more than 100 exemptions from those regulations, undermines the efforts to secure the reactors lying within a 50-mile radius of where more than 20 million people live, work and travel,” Schneiderman said in a statement.
  9. Indian Point (as seen from Rockland County)
    Indian Point (as seen from Rockland County)
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  11. Indian Point (as seen from Rockland County)
    Indian Point (as seen from Rockland County)
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