Rabat Morocco Festival Mawazine 2011

Festival Mawazine (Festival of Rhythms) in Rabat, Morocco became the center point for a convergence of world music with artists from 60 different countries.


  1. The capital of Morocco was sensually drenched in the vibrations of dazzling voices and musical instruments echoing from all five continents.The 10th annual Festival Mawazine in Rabat, May 20 through May 28, was as magical, as ever. Music has no borders... it's universal.

    WorldStreams World Music has gathered lingering glimpses of this spectacular musical event for you to enjoy. Live performances at Festival Mawazine included in our story by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Hindi Zahra, Bharati, Lionel Richie, Nasser Shamma, Idr, Quincy Jones, Abdelouahab Doukali, Amr Diab, Joe Cocker, Saber Rubai and Shakira. You'll feel as if you were there...

    Oh! Baby, baby... it's a wild world.  And it's both soothing and inspiring to have music as a refuge. 

  2. Yusuf Islam, AKA Cat Stevens - Wild World @ Mawazine 2011 ( Rabat Maroc )
  3. "Hardly have her lips approached the microphone than your ear is drawn in, gently but irresistibly. Just the slightest nonchalance in the hips with a filigree of swing in the delivery, a delicately veiled voice."

    Meet Hindi Zahra... a full hour of Hindi Zahra's live performance at Festival Mawazine including Beautiful Tango and Imik Simik.

  4. Hindi Zahra LIVE MAWAZINE 2011
  5. Bharati is a musical extravaganza, a delectable composite mix of the varied dances, music and folk traditions of India. Music, dance and performance traditions have shaped the 'collective consciousness' of the Indian diaspora worldwide.
  6. Bharati - MAWAZINE 2011
  7. Oum has such a fine voice...
  8. Oum Mawazine concert Rabat 2010 maroc - Love so blind
  9. Oh! It's Lionel Richie singing his classic song... Hello at Festival Mawazine.

  10. Lionel Richie - Hello (Mawazine 2011)
  11. In a quieter, more serene setting... Iraqi oud player Nasser Shamma at the Festival Mawazine. Such a beautiful, hauntingly pure sound.

  12. Nasser Shamma - Mawazine 2011 - Chellah - Rabat 1
  13. Idir, an ambassador of Kabyle music, was born in Aït Lahcène, an Amazigh (Berber) village in Haute-Kabylia, Algeria. A Vavav Inouva was released in 1976 and was translated into seven languages.

  14. idir a vava inouva LIVE MAWAZINE 2011
  15. A fantastic forty minutes of superb global fusion. Quincy Jones and the Global Gumbo All Stars in their premier performance, live at the Festival Mawazine.

  16. Quincy Jones and The Global Gumbo All Stars MAWAZINE 2011 part1
  17. Yallah, Egypt! Amr Diab is an Egyptian singer and composer of  geel music; the contemporary face of Egyptian el-geel pop music. He is known as the Father of Mediterranean Music. Amr has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and is considered a living legend by fans in the Arab world. Listen to Tamally Maak (Always With You)...

  18. Tamally Maak "Mawazine2011" - AMR DIAB تملي معاك - عمرو دياب
  19. Even Joe Cocker was there, offering a little help to his friends...

  20. lll JOE Cocker - A Little Help From My Friends lll - Mawazine 2011
  21. From Carthage to Jarach and from Cairo Opéra to the Zénith or the Olympia of Paris through the most prestigious theatres in the Middle East, Saber Roubaï has seen it all.

  22. Saber Rebaï - Cocktaïl Tunisien صابر الرباعي - كوكتال تونسي
  23. The streets of Rabat were in a frenzy as Moroccans overloaded cars, vans, pickup trucks and piled on to motor bikes to come see the international superstar at the 2011 Festival Mawazine. Her show started an hour later because she wanted to watch her boyfriend’s (Antonio De La Rua) soccer game plus there were more delays because she brought out the King’s police/army to help hold the city down.
  24. Shakira LIVE at MAWAZINE 2011 Full Live [HQ]
  25. Of equal importance to social issues is the emphasis Moroccans have placed on promoting and spreading the arts. Festival directors understand the two go hand-in-hand. Spread over ten days and eight stages, Mawazine is a juggernaut of a celebration of diversity and musicality.