Meeting of European International Committee Members

Last weekend, some of the European members of the WSEN International Committee met in Brussels to work together

  1. Last weekend, some of the European members of the WSEN International Committee (IC) met in Brussels to work together on upcoming topics of the WSEN such as the next General Assembly (GA).
  2. The next GA will take place during the 2015 Global Summit in Perth, Australia. Prior to the GA, former summit delegates and the 2015 delegates will vote for the Executive Board. The 2015 delegates will in addition vote for their GA Representatives who will work for one year with the Executive Board and help to further develop the WSEN. For this to happen, information material will need to be prepared as well as the election process itself.
  3. Except of the concrete preparation of the GA, the IC Members talked about duties of Executive Board members.
  4. The Executive Board of the WSEN (and also the GA Reps and the group of other WSEN volunteers) consists of young change makers that work in their free time to further develop the network with the aim to contact students all around the world striving for a more sustainable world. For this reason, it is crucial to not only talk about duties, but also talk about the motivation that keeps the volunteers motivated spending each week hours of the free time for the network.
  5. It is important to know what motivates volunteers and always create windows of opportunities that volunteers experience the reason why they are active. This is espeically crucial if thinking about our international network were normally everybody lives in another city in another country and personal contact is rare.
  6. For all participants of the working weekend a highlight of the work was to think about future steps of the WSEN. Here everybody could get creative, articulate dreams and hopes. This is what motivates all of the members - to imagine a worldwide network of students and their universities that make the world every day a bit more sustainable.
  7. Since the WSEN IC is truly international with members from Australia to Canada, the European members also skyped with the other IC members to keep them up to date what happens in Brussels.
  8. Beside all the work, it is very important to do something together and strengthen like this the social contact between the members. One important part is always food. No matter if cooked by the IC members themselves....
  9. ... or trying local specialities: fries - a true Belgian invention!
  10. In the last night, the European WSEN IC members had the chance to taste another local speciality: Belgian beer and meet with a former summit delegate who attended the WSEN Global Summit 2014 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
  11. Not only could the WSEN IC members meet a former delegate, for the whole weekend they were hosted by another former summit delegate - this is what makes the WSEN unique and special: once you are a part of the WSEN, you have friends all over the world who are happy to meet and host you and dream with you of a more sustainable world.
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