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World Press Photo 2013 Judging – Multimedia Contest

The countdown begins! The multimedia jury is gathering in Amsterdam to start the judging on January 26. On Storify we'll collect interesting bits and tweets around the judging process to share some of what's happening behind closed doors with you. Come back for daily updates!


  1. The third multimedia contest will be chaired by Keith W. Jenkins, who is supervising senior producer for multimedia at NPR. Jenkins will be supported by an international jury of six leading professionals in the field of visual journalism and documentary storytelling, which are:

    > Samuel Bollendorff, photojournalist and webdocumentary maker, France

    > Kang Kyung-Ran, producer and director Frontline News Service, South Korea

    > Susan Meiselas, photographer, USA

    > Patrick Mudekereza, writer and poet, Democratic Republic of Congo

    > Bjarke Myrthu, founder and CEO, Denmark

    > Caspar Sonnen, new media coordinator and curator IDFA DocLab, the Netherlands

    (Content and images are presented in reverse order.)


    Members of the jury share their perspectives on the winners and the judging process.

    An interview with jury chair Keith W. Jenkins, supervising senior producer for multimedia at NPR:

  3. “What we see in the winners this year is a high level of sophistication. The entries were uniformly high in quality. This is an evolving field that each year should and does produce higher quality projects.” 
    (Keith W. Jenkins)

    “For the jury, the major challenge is that the field is changing almost hourly, so figuring out what the ‘standard’ is, is a very ephemeral effort. You have to be able to articulate the specifics of what you’re looking for, but also be flexible and understand that it’s a process that’s evolving.”
    (Keith W. Jenkins)
  4. “With the Multimedia Competition, we are trying to do justice to what we see happening in the field. Our ambition is to inspire photographers to move forward and explore new territories. We want to challenge them to tell stories in a different, compelling way. Part of our mission is to encourage the highest professional standards in visual journalism and to support documentary storytelling in all its aspects. That’s why, amongst other initiatives, we started our multimedia contest." 
    (Michiel Munneke, World Press Photo Managing Director)
  5. Thanks and bye for now! @worldpressphoto #wpp_mm (at World Press photo) Winners of the 2013 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest are here.
    Thanks and bye for now! @worldpressphoto #wpp_mm (at World Press photo) Winners of the 2013 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest are here.