Vertov Studio

image studio

Valeria Fossati

Photographer and journalist interested in the visual arts and environmental issues. Investire in bontà.

Dusa Naili- فردوس

Contemplate:A LOT. Appreciate: muchO. In constant search for inner peace of mind. Photojournalist:Why not!

ion sevastre

Ideas y Soluciones

Acercamos ideas y soluciones de calidad para tus proyectos de arquitectura, reformas y rehabilitación de edificios.

Bettina Filacanavo

Mutter, Journalistin, Redaktorin, #PR, #HEKS, mag #Tango, #Messi, #Wein und Bücher, spielt #Geige, hat kein Auto und twittert hier privat.

studio miles anthony

I am an entrepreneur focused in the area of digital creativity. I enjoy photography, music production and web design.

Dominique Boller

Photo/journalism student, mother , Lupus & Breast Cancer survivor. I write, study photography, and love music.

Paolo Berto



TV/Film Producer/Director/Professor/documentary photographer/PhD candidate (documentary film (cultural and social and women's study)

Lucas Pastore

photo from Siberia

The Agency reportage pictures from Russia Western Siberia.Visual journalism, social media. #Russia #Siberia #photography #news in photos

Digital creative, love all things tech and shiny. Interested in Arts, Culture and Creative Learning . Educator - UAL GRAD