Eugen Andronic


When You Decide That You Want To Change Your Life. You Need To Commit. When You Commit To Take Action. You Succeed.


Creatig the most detailed write-ups and feedback.

Aileen Perilla

Rajib Bahar

Database guy who loves photography & adventures... former marathoner.Interest in #BigData #DataScience #PowerBI #BusinessIntelligence #Music #SQL

Carmel O'Donohoe

Freelance journalist; Website content manager; former Reuters employee;

Aldemir Vieira

Consultor de TI, Administrador de Dados, Estatístico, Amador da Fotografia e Professor Universitário

Fraser Crichton

Documentary photographer and writer. I'm interested in many things including sex work activism.

Petra Hermans

European Observatory

European Observatory on Memories - Fundació Solidaritat UB

New account for @Tebbiek forgot password - #PRgirl #Creative #Mediapractitioner #baetobe Preparation is never time wasted!

Dr Anshu verma


Finding the best online resources on the web today. Looking for more updates and more.

Sinù Fogarizzu

photojournalism, storytelling, food sovereignty, land grabs, macroeconomics and social justice, voila!

Daniel A. Acosta R.

Conciencia en construcción. Fotógrafo por pasión, futuro periodista por convicción. Pasante en @SoyBuhola Articulando pensamientos.