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Holiday Songs You Love To Hate?


  1. I love wonderful Christmas time!!! My most hated song (not love to hate, just hate) is The Christmas Shoes! Way to drag down Christmas, guy! Merry Christmas, but don't be too happy bc there are poor kids whose mothers are dying Christmas Eve. Also, there are children dying in Africa of hunger, so eat all the food on your plate!My love to hate is merry Christmas darling by the carpenters. So shmultzy (logs on the fire fill me with desire!?) but I so love singing along:)
  2. Jessica - did you see Jim's Facebook post on McCartney's song? He hates it! I'm kind of indifferent to it.
  3. I don't even need to hear McCartney ' s Xmas song to start convulsing.
  4. Scientific research has shown a person who takes a blood test after listening to "Wonderful Christmastime" will show traces of THC in her/his system. True fact.
  5. Wonderful Christmastime is my most loathed Christmas song by far. Despite it's deep meaning and varied lyrics
  6. I loathe this one as well, along with "Jingle Bell Rock" (inane & infuriatingly earworm-y), David Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy" (why, Thin White Duke, why?!), and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (kind of... rapey).
  7. Sara, we respectfully disagree. David Bowie and Bing Crosby's rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" is a masterpiece.
  8. I used to agree; I used to love Christmas music. Then I spent three years working at a craft store, where Christmas (and Christmas music) starts roughly around Halloween. We had a limited Muzak station that just repeated itself in one constant loop. You might hate the song, too, after you've heard it 600+ times.