SEGD XLAB 2011 - The Design of Location

The Society for Environmental Graphic Design brought together technology, design and interaction experts, as well as 200 attendees passionate about design, to discuss how location-based technologies are transforming our experience of physical spaces and to explore what lies ahead.

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  1. It kicked off with finding your way to the meetup party.  Some are better at wayfinding than others...
  2. What is the number of the Batphone if we get lost? Or should we hail a Bat Cab and they will help us? Looking forward to the fun! Really - what is the number? :)
  3. Anyone know where this shindig is being held?
  4. Are we getting warmer? Battery is running über low after day of travel...
  5. Starting off in Times Square, we passed by a Daktronics project, one of the event's sponsors.
  6. The meetup included an interactive game from Show + Tell.
  7. Congratulations to Nikki who came in first in the trivia game and to Ghazal who came in a close second. See you at 8am!
  8. Eyebeam Art + Technology Center hosted the next day's events.

  9. Phil Lenger, President, Show+Tell and SEGD Board Member and Leslie Wolke, Leslie Wolke Consulting were our MCs for the day. The ground rules:  Play & Experiment.

  10. A full day of speakers, panels discussions and thoughtful conversation.

  11. Session 1: The Pioneers 

    We heard 3 perspectives on establishing wayfinding principles and addressing users' needs for cultural projects. Users included not only visitors but the people who manage and market the locations.


    Linda Perry-Lube, American Museum of Natural History; 

    Kiyo Kubo, Spotlight Mobile; 

    Jake Barton, Local Projects

  12. Technology can enhance engagement in more place than just the museum...
  13. Cafe break and another opportunity to test out XLab App created for the event by Rebenstein Technology Group and Two Twelve.
  14. Session 2: Where Am I? 

    Colin Ellard brought a fascinating range of research and a provocative point-of-view to his discussion of the role of technology in wayfinding design. Living in the moment has multiple meanings for humans!


    Colin Ellard, Waterloo Laboratory for Collaborative Virtual Environments and author, You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon, but Get Lost in the Mall