Exactly How We Ended Up In The Stomach Of The Animal

So the other day, I was out trekking with my close friends in a nearby hill when something astounding transpired, so surprisingly weird that I delay t


  1. So the other day, I was out trekking with my close friends in a nearby hill when something astounding transpired, so surprisingly weird that I delay to tell my lengthy and twisting history here.

    There was this animal chasing after us, and at the bottom of this enormous cliff was a enormous stack of rocks filled with awful pain just waiting to horrify us. Now, those dirt seemed a better fate than being ingested at a leisurely pace by a bear, so we jumped, but we landed in some individuals heat mechanism.

    Now, even though the personality driving this heat mechanism seemed to be a typical human being, we were fairly confident that he was an alien from another world. He was talking in some weird form of hypnotism, which I'm quite sure has been outlawed on this planet for a long, extended time, and would make you vanish if you used to.

    Unending Memories Of Despair:

    Anyway, when we got to his house, which was situated up in the hills behind some crazy hen nests, he gave us some green tea. Only the coffee had something in it, and when we woke up we were in the midriff of the animal.

    Meaning, of course, that may we ended up getting consumed by the bear in the first place, and this was all some crazy hallucination.

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    The Surprising National Research

    I found myself on this coach tour with a few pals of mine, and what started out as a unexpectedly excursion to Vegas almost ended in horrible and painful disaster, as the shuttle driver got misplaced, and we were almost out of gas out of water, and nobody had a cell phone.

    We drove in to the metropolis center, and found out that the city had about a hundred thousand individuals, and they all worked at this mystery underground national facility that had been there for a few decades.

    Naturally, when we found out that the city was all about hypnotherapy, everything started to make sense, like why we were out of the blue in a trance and why we out of the blue found ourselves in this big room with velvet material draped over everything.

    Now, the main thrust of the plan was to put in some kind of hypnotism verbal communication in the water method, so that individuals could get some good wellbeing advantages without worrying about any negative chemical like outcomes, which is just what we did.

    While their were plenty of chemical compounds in the water method already, they weren't sure about the long term consequences, so they figured that using hypnotherapy would be better.

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    That way, folks could envision they were getting the advantages without truly having to endure any of the unknown side effects, like growing extra arms or things like that.

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