Wooden Anniversary Gift Ideas Based on Your Personality

Traditionally, the 5th wedding anniversary gift is something made from wood.


  1. Traditionally, 5th wedding anniversary gift for her is something made from wood. It symbolizes the strength the marriage has built up over the years so far. One way to make an anniversary gift special to personalise it for the one you love. Here are some ideas for personalised wooden wedding gifts based on personality.

    For Food Lovers

    Couples that enjoy working together in the kitchen to make a scrumptious meal could choose personalised wooden gifts that are also useful cooking tools. Choose chopping boards, salt and pepper shakers, egg holders, toast racks, or bread boxes. Every single one of them can be personalized with the new family name carved deeply into the wood. Don't worry about using these items with food. The wood is completely sealed to make it food safe.

    For Electronics Lovers

    Just because you are a couple that loves the newest gadgets and electronics doesn't mean you only enjoy modern things. A little bit of rustic wood makes your electronics look impressive. Choose tablet holders that stand your tablets at an angle for easy viewing. How about a phone holder that can hold both phones at once? Just like with the food lovers items, this holders can be personalised with names or maybe "his and hers" labels.

    For Garden Lovers

    The most obvious place to put wooden gifts is in the garden, so what better 5th anniversary gift than something for garden lovers? Decorate the garden with wooden benches for sitting and enjoying the scenery. Choose wooden swings for some romantic, silly fun. Grow flowers in a personalised wooden flower box with the family name emblazoned in large letters for all visitors to the garden to see.

    Quiet Time Lovers

    Some couples enjoy relaxing together and doing nothing else all day. For those couples, choose anniversary gifts that make the quiet times even nicer. Readers would enjoy wooden bookends. For relaxing the bath, choose wooden bath trays that sits over the bath and a wooden tea light holder to create a soft glow and a romantic mood.

    For Memory Lovers

    Some couples prefer anniversary gifts that can be kept for years to remember the days when you were only together for five years. Commemorate the occasion with wooden plaques with the family name and wedding date carved into it. Wooden letters can spell out the family name and hung on the wall above a mantel. Wooden blocks can have names, quotes, and pictures carved into them on all sides. Place them around the house and turn them to different sides every now and then.

    The 5th anniversary is wood. Luckily, wood is one of the prettiest materials for making gifts.