Progressive Girls' Voices #PGV


  1. We published a blog post with all the girls' bios on Wednesday.
  2. We prepared the WMC office for training:
  3. Our VP of Programs Jamia Wilson (@JamiaW) introduced WMC's mission and initiatives. 
  4. The young women learned about "elevator pitches" and filled out worksheets on their expertise.
  5. Our Programs Coordinator Madeleine Gyory (@madgyory) discussed online safety and #cyberbullying with the girls. 
  6. Our Video Content Manager Elisa Kreisinger (@popcultpirate) instructed the trainees on video remixing.
  7. Then the PGVers themselves chimed in!
  8. And then Day 2 began with expert media coach Chris Jahnke (@ChristineJahnke).
  9. WMC Board Member and thought leader Gloria Feldt chimed in, congratulating PGVer Emma Axelrod on her petition calling for a woman to moderate the 2012 presidential debate.