CAMP 2015: Right around the corner!

Missed our Twitter chat about CAMP? We've got you covered. #JAWS15

  1. So grateful that our board members and others joined us for another awesome Twitter chat about #JAWS15 -- this year's annual JAWS conference in Whitefish, Montana.
  2. We asked our crew: What can we look forward to at CAMP this year? They had lots of great answers about the workshops, events and camaraderie!
  3. Don't wait! Register now at #journalism #data #montana
    Don't wait! Register now at #journalism #data #montana
  4. With all that enthusiasm, we talked about finances to make sure CAMP was accessible to everyone possible.
  5. Our board member Justine Griffin had some great tips on representing your employer at CAMP for extra support and professional development.
  6. Others shared creative ways that they've raised money or paid for CAMP.
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