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Where We Teach: A Conversation With Connecticut's Teachers

Our teacher panel welcomed educators from across the state. Are you a teacher? Why did you decide to enter this profession and what keeps you going back to school every day?


  1. Watch video of WNPR's "Where We Teach" panel, courtesy of CPBN's Learning Lab. The discussion was held a floor above WNPR's main Hartford studios.
  2. Where We Live: Teachers Talk Education Reform
  3. The thought-starter for the discussion, was written by one of our panelists Liz Natale. She wrote this op-ed in The Hartford Courant that went viral.
  4. The other panelists were:

    David Bosso - Social studies teacher at Berlin High School and the 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year

    Ebony Murphy-Root - Middle school humanities teacher at a private school in New York City, but she still lives in Hartford and has previous teaching experience in Hartford

    David Low - Aquaculture technology and mathematics teacher at The Sound School in New Haven

  5. There was a theme to the night's discussion: school atmosphere:
  6. Teacher evaluations are part of the negative atmosphere. But most of the teachers on our panel didn't say that all teacher evaluations are bad, but as David Low articulated, there needs to be support for those teachers who need help.
  7. One of the most contentious issues in education is the use of data and standardized testing. This generated a lengthy discussion.