Where We Doodle!

Today on WNPR's Where We Live, we discussed one of civilization's most precious art forms: DOODLING! Are you a regular doodler? Send us your favorites with the hashtag #wnprdoodle This Storify has been updated with tweets & doodles we received during the re-broadcast of this show on 10/11/13.

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  1. Our guests include master doodler and leading advocate of doodling Sunni Brown

    "I know that doodling has a profound impact on the way that we can process information and the way that we can solve problems," said Brown in a 2011 TED Talk.
  2. Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite! | Video on TED.com
  3. Our local doodlers include Constanza Segovia. She's a designer at co:lab in Hartford and you may recognize her doodles from events like Catie Talarski's Radio Adventure Theater and *the ear cave*. 
  4. It's doodle time! Thanks to doodle...
  5. (side note - Constanza also illustrated our fantastic Where We Live mug.)

  6. Our other guests this morning include Roger Cameron who is Creative Director at LEGO

    Self-employed illustrator Chris Piascik also doodles along with us. Is there anything he can't doodle?
  7. Keep checking back for more doodles from the show! And send us YOUR doodles on Twitter with the hashtag #wnprdoodle or email them to [email protected]!
  8. "(Doodling) is how we breathe, creatively."
    - Roger Cameron

  9. The following doodles came to us during the rerun of Just Doodle It.
  10. Thanks to Josh for this link: