SURN Leadership Academy 2015

The SURN Leadership Academy 2015 brought together over 200 educational leaders from Virginia with local, national, and international presenters to foster dialogue regarding best practice. This year's topics included coaching, flipping, formative feedback, school climate, hiring and observation.

  1. Deb Masters, Principal Consultant at Cognition Education and Director of Visible Learning Plus, was our keynote speaker on Day 1. She shared case studies of success stories on Visible Learning from 16 schools around the world.
  2. Participants in the SURN Leadership Academy noted that collaboration, setting high expectations for all learners, and considering the impact of all educators were major takeaways from Deb's presentations.
  3. As we reflect on on new initiatives and improvements for next year, it is important to consider how our actions mirror our impact. Kate Wolfe and Daria Lorio noted some excellent suggestions for how to make some of these improvements:
  4. Finally, Deb reminds us: evidence is key - so is what you do with it.
  5. Day 1 of the Leadership Academy also included concurrent sessions by Ken Halla, Jan Rozzelle, Cecelia Stith, Jenny Hindman, and Jill Harland with insight and ideas on how to maximize our roles as educational leaders to improve student learning.
  6. Dr. Halla led participants in engaging small group discussion to plan concrete actions in making the most of technology to maximize time for meaningful PD.
  7. This is the mantra of children in Jill Harland's primary school:
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