Remembering Andrew

Sharing our stories for the 20th anniversary of Andrew.

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  1. I can't believe it's almost been 20 years it seems like a week ago
  2. anybody remember these? back in the day when u had to plot the latitude and longitude of the storms. no viper radar, no weather channel. this map hung in my mother in laws home in the redlands. she was plotting andrews path. she was trapped alone in her home for 3 days due to falling trees until she was finally freed by the U.S. ARMY. they had a list of homes out in that area and were going home by home and clearing the road.
  3. Tough, teary commute! NPR StoryCorps on Friday is always touching; followed by in-depth story on WLRN about Hurricane Andrew, 20 years ago today. Lots of audio from that night - instant flashback.
  4. My most vivid memory of the events surrounding Hurricane Andrew, besides the visual and physical devastation we have become all too familiar with over the years was, after walking across the pool/patio to my Dad's house, to find him up on a step ladder, replacing a broken lightbulb!... of all things!!!, that would not get power for over 6 weeks!!!... It was hilarious moment of levity amidst the destruction of that day... I miss you, Viejo!!!!! Tonight, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, at our house, by turning all the power off, eating outside by candlelight, cooking with gas and charcoal, enjoy the pool, turn on the generator for background "noise", like we did for so many days, and sit around and talk with each other, sing songs with guitars, and praise God for all the blessings he continues to rain down on us........:)
  5. ‎82nd Airborne helping us out in Country Walk, almost 20th Anniversary
  6. A message scrolled to President Bush on a rooftop after Hurricane Andrew.  Homestead, FL. (Courtesy of the State Archives of Florida)
  7. Back of our house, Country Walk, 139th Place and 150 Terr
  8. This holds true for all of us who Survived Hurricane Andrew...
  9. A boat that washed ashore during Hurricane Andrew.
  10. A quote from WLRN-MIami Herald News listener, Felix Martinez:  

    “So as we drive into the Grove, we are met with the image of a boat in the  middle of the road, so that was kind of shocking, and then right when I turn around to the front and we turn the corner, we see the National Guard. So we are thinking like we’re in some really bad sci-fi movie, it’s a really creepy situation when you’re seeing watercraft on a highway.”  
  11. I can't believe it's almost been 20 years it seems like a week ago
  12. I remember the details of the storm with scary vividness. It is forever etched into my mind and is in part why I am the way I am. I have phobias I never had before Andrew, I am affected by little things that never bothered me before the storm. I learned many life lessons from this storm. In some ways it made me stronger; 6 months with no power or running water, or housing that included windows and a roof and comfortable flooring, making 3 small children feel special about Christmas with no real presents other than each other, learning how to survive without employment, and cook food on a grill till the propane ran out. It taught me to be cautious and not so trusting after the looters and thiefs rumaged around looking for what could be taken instead of doing without like the rest of us struggling, crooked contrators, people selling ice for 10.00 bag, then I also learned of compassion from the people who only wanted to help, making friends with neighbors we once only waved to in passing, I learned how to be more generous and desired to help others, so many life lessons learned in this storm.
  13. Hard to believe its been (almost) 20 years. I am so glad I kept this pic! As the old saying goes . . . "Every picture tells a story, don't it?"
  14. i remember this clear as a bell. on this night 20yrs ago, i was carrying a laundry basket and walking thru my bedroom. the tv was on and my husband was watching the weather. i remember stopping in my tracks and saying " what the heck is that?" it looked like a buzz saw taking aim right at us. the weather people said we didnt need to worry it was not going to impact us. so i forgot about it and continued doing the laundry. it was a weds. fri i went to work like normal, had a normal day at work, said " have a nice weekend everybody, see u monday" i never saw those people again, my job was gone by monday along w/everything else
  15. WLRN Miami Herald News producer/reporter Trina Sargalski (then 14) stands in front of her family's West Kendall house after Andrew.
  16. Twenty years ago from tomorrow night, the eye of Hurricane Andrew went directly over my parents' home in Homestead, Florida as a Category 5 storm, one of the strongest hurricanes in US history. Many of my friends lost their homes and nearly lost their lives. Travelling from Tallahassee with supplies for my parents several days after the storm, it took me hours to find my home of 20 years after navigating the debris. There were no landmarks. It looked like a nuclear bomb hit. Wild animals escaped from zoos and dangers were everywhere. People were cut off from civilization without power for months, forced to guard with shotguns what was left of their belongings. Mom and Dad shared what we brought with neighbors, and neighbors shared what little they had left with others. It brought out the best and worst in people. There were miracles, too. Now, Mom and Dad live here in Tallahassee. So many lives were forever changed. We will NEVER forget...
  17. Can't believe that Friday is the 20th anniversary of hurricane Andrew. Isaac- for the sake of all of us Andrew survivors,Please stay away and leave all of us alone. That goes for all of us.