Why you should not be the president.

A message from a citizen to the President.


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  3. Public anger spilled onto the official website of Ms. Park’s office, where someone posted a message on Sunday to say “why you should not be the president.” The posting, which accused Ms. Park of failing to show leadership in the handling of the ferry disaster, attracted 200,000 views within 12 hours, as well as hundreds of supportive comments.
  4. ‘Why you cannot be our president anymore…’

    - A citizen posted on the official government homepage. (표은송)


    I’ve been advocated many social movements but I’ve never criticized the president during my life time.

    But for the first time, I’m going to pick the point explained, what she made it wrong.

    And why she cannot be our president anymore.


    I know the position is heavy. No one can easily afford it. That’s the reason I couldn’t readily condemn her. And, Yelling “Go out of Office!” was too slight and empty as well. Also I believed that if citizens pay attention, the society is changeable - no matter how incapable the government is. But president Park missed several crucial duties this time.


    First of all, She didn’t even know what to do.


    President doesn’t need to work out the method to rescue the people.

    What the leader should do is to distribute the responsibility appropriately, encourage them to show their capacities and take the consequences when problem occurs.


    Above all, the leader should give them good order at all costs if they are in disorder.


    If MOSPA(Ministry of Security and Public Administration) made fault, MOSPA should response it. If MOF(Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries) did, MOF should.


    But if every ministry, army force, police couldn’t work out their mission successfully, it’s because the leader didn’t do his/her task.

    I don’t know anyone in Korea who can lead the whole administration and control armed forces, but only one – the president.


    Everyone else can rush to the scene, meet the survivors and console people in sorrow.

    Anyone can say “Why can’t? Do the best.”

    Anyone can say “Situation get worse, the person in charge would be punished.”

    President doesn’t need to say those words.

    She could exercise immense authority which any other cannot use.

    That’s why the president is in charge. That’s why she was responsible.

    President? No need every bit, She should do What she could do.


    Finding out the congestion and solution, asking what’s in need,

    Classifying what’s crucial and what’s not,

    Notifying what can be gave up and what can not be till the end,

    Declaring the top problem

    And let the subordinate free from other tasks such as cost problem.

    These were her duties.


    For instance in movie making scenes, if there was a clear request from the director, the staffs do anything. No matter how difficult it is, no matter it is impossible.

    It’s natural that the cost over the estimate,

    but once somebody afford it, staffs make it.


    Absolutely, trying by all means takes gigantic costs.

    Even the head of a small company knows that their followers would hesitate with the cost matter.

    But if the president didn’t know that simple fact,

    it means that she has never worried with it and never been at someone’s under.


    Who can make it? – If his leader promised punishing in his failure, but do not response the cost and avoid the duty in case.

    Someone can say why the cost matter with human’s life,

    but we should guess the condition of the person in charge.

    Call the supertanker? Can a mere administrator afford it?

    But when someone asserts to do so, it’s different.

    “Think the cost later. If needed, I’ll be in charge.”

    Even the Prime Minister cannot say it easily.


    Only the president can do it – control all the related forces, directly modify the weakness, collect the labor and require neighbor countries’ help and anything in needed. - no other can.

    But what the mighty president worried this time?



    Next, we don’t need the government which cannot let us live.


    President Park obviously noticed “do the best to save the people”.

    Then why the administrators didn’t do so?


    It was sunny day when the event occurred. But only three guidelines could be constructed on the water.

    Why no one did realize it that can kill the hundreds of people and try other methods?


    Followers are affected from the leader’s sense of values.

    In emergency, they do as their leader wanted during ordinary times.

    It is depending on when their leader praise, punish or angry at them.


    If the leader has considered the people and human life as the top prior value,

    the followers will voluntarily work out to protect the value in crisis.


    But, when the victims of ‘Ssangyong car situation’ decorated the funeral hall,

    A local administrator who has pledged loyalty to President Park drove that people out of the place.

    No one did give a single glare to the dying students with university expenses.

    They think selective wealth distribution is much effective

    and welfare is no more than populism. They don’t care dying people.

    The party in power is still hesitating to abolish the agenda which killed a mother and her two daughters.

    They shot water cannons to people who just wanted to live together.

    They said family lost people are just ‘whining’.


    In this land, human life has never been at the prior value.

    Still for them, there are a lot of values that’s heavier than dying people,

    What they only have is their justice.

    ‘It’s okay to treat people roughly’ is their unwritten slogan.


    In this system, when the president order them, “Do the best”,

    the administrators are thrown into confusion.

    - Does it mean ‘doing the best’ to ‘save students under the water’ OR ‘advertise that she said so’?

    - Save them ‘to show the government’s ability’ OR ‘to stabilize the public opinion’?


    Someone from crisis center called to the minister and said,

    “The president is deadly worrying.”

    Who knows?

    - ‘Worrying people’ life’ OR ‘worrying her approval rating fall down’?


    Instead, who moved voluntarily were who stopped the saving and do their best in visiting ceremony. Meanwhile, someone promptly set his camera in angle to catch Park’s comforting to children. Some wrote an article says president’s work was good and what in trouble was people’ thought. Some did his best in blowing up the number of saving force. The other drove the public opinion to make the captain and ship enterprise guilty. We could also see how fast the riot police act.


    That was their manual they have practiced so far.

    They did know what their leader considers importantly so they just moved in that way.


    There is clear reason that I didn’t throw my ballot to her.

    It’s not because she’s a pro-Japanese, conservative or daughter of passed dictator.

    When ‘Namil-dang situation’ occurred, I saw her face.

    Even though eight innocent people died because of her father, I couldn’t see a single bit of guilty or distressed from her face.

    I thought that she can’t be the president of a nation if she considers human’s life that slightly.


    That’s her gross error.

    She created the wrong concept that people’ life is not the prior.


    Third, we don’t need a president who doesn’t charge the situation.


    Enormous power and extra high pay, gorgeous dishes, personal plane, security guards. All of the special treatments are [the price of responsibility].

    Nothing works in deserted organization.

    Who knows how to response when the leader doesn’t?


    We don’t need a president who need private tutor.

    We don’t need a president who is useless to save the people.

    And we don’t need a president who doesn’t charge her responsibility.


    +) Plus,


    I heard the captain and sailors of Sewol got religion that teach a single repentance wipes out all sin.

    That is too dangerous.


    The president isn’t different with them at all.

    We don’t need a heartless president.


    Sincerely I want President Park to step down.