South Korean Fraudulent Election Protest in Times Square #NewYork

Overseas Koreans in the USA protest against #NISgate.


  1. South Korean Fraudulent Election Protest in Times Square

  2. Press Kit: South Korean Fraudulent Election Protest in Times Square

    November 13, 2013 

     To Whom It May Concern:

     I am writing this to inform you of an important and urgent event planned on Friday, November 15th, 2013. South Koreans and Korean-Americans residing in the United States will gather at 7 PM on Times Square (in front of the U.S. Army Recruiting Station). 

    This demonstration is to protest against the South Korean government for having violated the Constitution and the spirit of democracy during last December’s presidential election. 

     South Korean state agencies such as the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and even the Army Cyber Warfare Command allegedly committed election fraud in order to bring the ruling party’s candidate, Park Geun-Hye, to victory. 

    Even with much pressure from Park’s administration to soft-pedal the investigation into the scandal, the examination has already found that agents from these agencies had actually interfered in the election systematically on a large scale. The agents carried out an online smear campaign against the opposition candidates before the election. The government recently fired some of the prosecutors in the middle of the investigation in an obvious attempt to obstruct its progress. 

    We will conduct a peaceful protest, marching from Times Square to Korean Town. However, we expect that some right-wing extremists, especially paid by the S. Korean government, may attempt to interfere, by using megaphones, violent language, and even physical violence as they had done during previous protests. 

    One of them told us that each of them gets paid $100 per protest and the group organizers receive $2,000 from the NIS. We have been carrying out a very difficult fight with the formidable power in order to bring back democracy and justice to our homeland. Last week the government threatened the protesters in Paris, who had held a protest against Park during her state visit to Europe, stating that photographs of the protesters had been taken and that the government would make the protesters pay the price for their actions. We need your support. 


     Og Lim, DMD


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    Last December’s South Korean presidential election was a total fraud

    -State agencies such as the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the Korean Army Cyber Warfare Command interfered in the election and carried out illegal election campaigning in favor of the then-ruling party’s candidate and the current president, Park Geun-Hye and against the opposition candidates.

     -By law the people employed in any state agency are banned from participating in any political activity, not to mention election campaigning.

    The NIS agents and army officials posted numerous political messages online as part of the illegal election campaigning for the ruling party

    -These messages praised Park and called Park’s opponents North Korean sympathizers. 

    -A recent investigation found that over 55,000 tweets had been posted before the election, smearing opposition candidates. Using special software these messages were re-tweeted millions of times automatically. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg of the entire operation.

    Outside pressure from Park’s administration swayed the investigation

    -Recently Park’s government forced the South Korean Prosecutor General to resign after he had indicted the former head of the NIS for violation of the Election Law against objection by the Minister of Justice. 

    -The chief investigator probing the NIS scandal was also fired because he was getting to the truth without being swayed by the pressure from Park’s administration. 

    -The government replaced them with people from their inner circle. The investigation, therefore, will likely not produce any truths. And all illegal and criminal acts committed by the NIS, the army, and the ruling party will be buried unless the people from South Korea take action now.

    McCarthyism is back in South Korea

    -This type of slander has now affected many South Korean people. Those who criticize the government are branded as communists or North Korean supporters. 

    -The government has petitioned the Constitutional Court to dissolve a small, left wing political party (the United Progressive Party). This small party is made up of the fiercest criticizers of Park’s administration’s fraudulent presidential election. This is the first time in history that this type of action has been brought in front of the court.

    We demand an investigation through an independent counsel 

    -The truth about intervention by the NIS in the election and its scope must be thoroughly investigated and introducing an independent counsel will be the only way to achieve that.

     -All people responsible including illegitimate Pres. Park must resign and be punished severely for having violated the Constitution of South Korea and the spirit of democracy.