Quality Slider Units Enhance your Products’ Mobility

Wire-shelves Slider Units


  1. Yes! Without this relatively simple but useful invention, we would not be able to enhance the transport of our products and merchandise. Quality Slider Units offer an effective way to optimize and efficiently move wire shelving systems. The solid shelving systems include wire shelves and a solid shelf below with solid steel wheels or bearings to allow mobility or transport of products or items.

    Our Quality Slider Units are made out of galvanized steel finish and in stainless steel finish that come in a variety of models, sizes, and prices. The units are installed mostly on mobile shelf rack systems.

    For a load capacity of 1,500 pounds per shelving unit, ball bearings in the skate are located under each post that act as wheels to transport the shelving unit. The unit can slide back and forth with ease due to a V-groove floor track, thus permitting the availability of layout assistance.

    With a patented design, the Quality Slider Units are fast and easy to install.

    High Density Slider Units are composed of components such as:

    An individual or single skate, that looks like a boxed rectangular metal, the price of which is $129.52.

    It also includes an End Stop Kit track system with 2 ends and one drill bit. It acts as the anchor for the track, and one kit is required per track. This is sold at $23.71.

    A V-Groove Track which is sold by the inch. The price is $1.45 per inch. Then, there is a Wing Kit that would be attached to the individual skate. The price is P98.55.

    There are also available track and skate packages for a Single Unit Skate Assembly Kit, a Double Unit Skate Assembly Kit, and a Single Unit Track. If you need to purchase these, the estimated amount is $996.

    The solid feature of the shelves exudes a sense of durability and aesthetic quality inside any room. For use in living spaces, commercial spaces or office spaces, this durable storage equipment can also be used as durable fixtures to store a variety of items, products or small office equipment.

    You can save drawer space by storing heavier items like electric stoves, kitchen equipment and utensils, the chrome wired shelves can be used to store food items including salt and pepper shakers. Kitchen items storage is safe and easy in solid shelving.

    The features and benefits of our Quality Slider Units would be low construction costs, low shipping cost, and quick installation. It utilizes the structure of the NSF-approved existing shelving and complies with ADA regulations. In addition, the Quality Slider Units uses industrial bearings of 1,500-pound load capacity per unit. The units are corrosion-free. Quality Slider Units can increase storage areas up to 150%, with an easy to roll construction. You can visit site : wire-shelves.com/